Wiz Khalifa – Different Cloth (ft Busta Rhymes)

What is this track gonna be on….Wiz project? Busta’s project? I don’t know. If it’s on Busta’s project…I probably won’t hear it again…lol. OkaaaaaaaaaaaaaaY!

 Wiz Khalifa – Different Cloth (ft Busta Rhymes)


Wiz Khalifa – The Grinder (music video)

New video from Wiz Khalifa off his recent return to himself project “Taylor Allderice“. It doesn’t take much to make a decent video to promote a project…just an idea. TRIPPY!



The visuals to Wiz’s first single “Work Hard, Play Hard” off his next album O.N.I.F.C.  The video is nothing special, but I can dig it.

Wiz Khalifa – Taylor Allderice (mixtape)

New shit from Khalifa.  Read more of this post



Check out Wiz new joint  Mary x3  off his upcoming Taylor Allerdice mixtape.  He been putting out some real cool shit as of late, so be on the lookout.

Wiz Khalifa- Morocco



Real smooth shit right there from Khalifa. That’s that type of music you can smo…..chill to. OkAAAAAAAAAy!

Wiz Khalifa- My Favorite Song (feat. Juicy J)



New shit from Khalifa, off his upcoming mixtape. I know he said he was gonna go back to a Kush and Orange Juice type sound…and this is sort of there..I doubt it’ll be my favorite song though….but fuck it, more power to him…OkAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAy

 Wiz Khalifa- My Favorite Song (feat. Juicy J)

Domo Genesis X Wiz Khalifa “Ground Up”

New shit from a cat that made a pretty dope album titled “Rolling Papers” and then Wiz Khalifa.  I knew there wouldn’t be any real beef between these two behind that. Stoner’s can’t stay made at each other for long…1. The other one may have some good weed… 2. They’ll probably forget.

Domo Genesis X Wiz Khalifa “Ground Up”


Wiz Khalifa “California” (music video)

Everybody loves California. Chris Paul, WIz Khalifa….

A Tale of Two CD’s

It was the worst of times…it was the best of times.

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