The Walkmen – Heartbreaker (Official Video)


Little Dragon – Sunshine (Official Video)

Death Grips – Double Helix (Official Visual)

The group continues to come up with originality for their music videos. While everyone will sit for almost ten minutes to watch a label, hammer the idea that they are successful, I rather watch this video on loop. This is fun, creative, and dope.

Beirut – The Rip Tide (Official Visual)

Astounding visual for the title track from the indie folk band’s latest album. According to front man Zach Condon “the product brought the song somewhere that I had only been able to describe to myself”.

General Fiasco – Bad Habits (Official Visual)

The Royal Concept – Gimmie Twice (Official Visual)

Video for the debut single off the Swedish rockers self-titled debut EP. Fetures beautiful women causing harm to the band while they are playing; reminds me of dreams I had in the past. If you are feeling the video, you can hit the jump, so you can listen to the EP in full. Read more of this post

Yellow Ostrich – The Shakedown (Official Visual)

Shot in a band members basement, with minimal gear. The band executes an awesome visual, for the second single off their sophomore release “Strange Lands”

Best Coast – The Only Place (Official Visual)

The duo from California release the visual for their first single, off their sophomore release “The Only Place”. The video consists of Bethany, and Bobb destroying instruments, televisions, and committing random acts of vandalism. The actions seem about as much fun as the song itself.

Deep Time – Clouds (Official Visual)

Dead Sara – Weatherman Live!

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