Azaelia Banks – Neptune Feat. Shystie

Ms. Banks newest mixtape “Fantasea” drops tomorrow.


Zola Jesus – Seekir (Official Video)

My indie girl crush Nika Rosa Danilova: known to the music world as “Zola Jesus”, releases the visual, for one of my favorite songs off her third album “Contaus”. In “Seekir” Zola is surrounded by dancers covered in white, the video for the most part is almost blinding, due to everything being white. Regardless, her voice, which thunders from her small frame, is released; no matter how blinding the visuals maybe, those vocals can be felt, and be recognized.

Charlie XCX – You’re The One (Official Video)

In what the featured artist has called “the perfect representation” of herself as an artist. Can not lie, it is very interesting.

Yeasayer – Henrietta


Thanks to the people at WAWSTSF we got this new track from popular brooklyn indie band “Yeasayer”.

Tennis – Origins (Official Video)

Alex Winston – Fire Ant


HULK UP!!!!!!!!!!!

How dope is this song? This is the opening track to the indie folk/pop singer I want to make babies with debut album “King Con”, being released on March 5th. Song has energy, drive, and makes you want to listen to the artist more; everything an album opener should have.

Selebrities – Night Heat (Official Video)

Dope new video from the electronic pop group, from Brookyln. Digging the Kaleidoscope look of the whole video. While I have heard other publications put this down in their thoughts of the song, I must repeat. I can clearly see this song in the Nicolas Winding Refn “Drive”. It just fits the mood and atmosphere of the film and soundtrack. If you are digging it, head over to their soundcloud, and download the track here.

Sucre – When We Were Young


It takes a lot to warm up this frozen heart of mine. But hearing this sweet voice, along with such charming pianos and melodies, just make me hopeful for a better tomorrow. That hope will probably wash away once I get back to listening to dark, and twisted hip hop again; the point is, this song is really good.

Keep Shelly In Athens – Just Like Honey


This is one of eleven different covers of the classic originally made by “Jesus and Mary Chain”. The covers are about a dollar each, and all proceeds go to a charity benefiting those with breast cancer. So good music for a good cause, drop some bills. 

Tennis – Origins (Live)

The duo is set to release their sophomore effort on Valentine’s day, and this video showcases the vibe fans can expect on the Patrick Carney (Black Keys) produced record. This video was shot from a live performance in Portland, Oregon.

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