Kendrick Lamar – Swimming Pools (Drank)


MMG feat Kendrick Lamar – Power Circle


The strongest crew in the game links up with one of the illest lyricists out for track one off Self-Made Vol. 2…which is out now. More from this later…my car needs washing, and my cat needs food.

Maybach Music – Power Circle Feat. Kendrick Lamar

So I was not invited to the MMG listening party in the Bronx yesterday (I would not want to go, trust me), and probably would not be invited to the album release party; with all the free food, and drinks a person can devour (I would go for that). Question people will ask of me is: why would you of all people, upload this to the site? With so many names on here, it seems like I have to. Once in a while its ok to put up a track or two you may not put up.


Kendrick Lamar & Ab Soul – Invasion Radio Freestyle

One half of the Black Hippy group came unto Green Lantern’s “Invasion” radio show, which they commenced to flame the instrumental to the new Nas single.

Kendrick Lamar – War Is My Love


The blogosphere is in gratitude to Tom Clancy’s newest video game of all places for a new track by Internet darling, and rising star Kendrick Lamar. This low-key track will be found on the soundtrack for the video game.


Ab-Soul – Black Lip Bastard (Black Hippy Remix)


If for some reason, you do not have your ears wrapped around Ab-Soul’s “Control System” today, well I will call you a fool. Regardless, Ab-Soul decided to give you one more reason by unleashing this track, bringing his brother in arms along. The track is well… I do not think I have to really convince you of anything after you listen to this. The almost six minute track is going to be a blessing on those long train rides from the Bronx to Brooklyn for me.

Ab-Soul – ILLuminate Feat. Kendrick Lamar

I was just thinking earlier today “When does that black lip bastard’s album drop again?”. Thankfully, with the release of this dope track, featuring his TDE partner-in-rhyme- Kendrick Lamar; mixed by Ali of course I was reminded that the tape drops this coming FRIDAY! So make sure you got your iPods ready for “Control System” this Friday, May 11th. With the streak these guys are going on, I doubt it will disappoint.

Kendrick Lamar- The Recipe (ft Dr. Dre)



The first single off Kendrick’s TDE/Aftermath album that’s dropping sometime this year. K. Dot brought the Doc out of hiding, eh? I wonder who wrote Dre’s verse…(sarcasm…it’s obvious)

Nardwuar vs. Kendrick Lamar

This one is one of those that a lot of people have been waiting to see.

The Game – The City Feat. Kendrick Lamar (Official Video)

Finally! Seems like it was still 2011 when I first saw videos of the behind-the-scenes of this video.

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