Ghostface Killah & Sheek Louch – Barry



Rumors of a possible collaboration project between these two New York mainstay groups have been floating around the Internet for a while now. With the release, of this track, off a very familar Barry White sample, the talk will only heat up. Mind you, this is the best I have heard Ghost in a while.


Nardwuar vs. Ghostface Killah

The best music interviewer on the planer Nardwuar The Human Serviette, interviews none other than Pretty Tony itself. Prepare to hear “YnawwhatImean” plenty of times.

[Album Review] Ghostface Killah “Apollo Kids”

So…if you look off to the side, I mention a site where I do my “other shit”…I figured I should start linking that “other shit” on here. So here’s my latest review, which was Ghostface Killah’s “Apollo Kids”. Check that joint here.

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