Slaughterhouse – Hammer Dance (El-P Remix)

I do not normally post up remixes of tracks, this is obviously an exception. El-P remixes the first single off the sophomore album from the four-headed rap machine. El-P remakes the beat into a frantic, noisy, awesome affair.



El-P – Works Every Time (Live) Feat. Zola Jesus

The Brooklyn MC/Producer brought along one of the many love of my lives on Conan yesterday. They performed one of the tracks off El Producto’s stellar album “Cancer 4 Cure”. I am hoping to see some original collaborations between these two; Producto’s phenomenal instrumentals, matched with Zola’s booming voice, it could be something truly epic.

Killer Mike – Big Beast (ft. Bun B, T.I.)

Killer Mike’s “R.A.P. Music” album is one of the best albums to drop this year so far. You get rhymes from Killer Mike…and beats from El-P? Stop sleeping! This is one of my least favorite tracks on the album…but please believe I’d love to have a song like this over a lot of the better shit off other albums.  I’m not a big fan of rappers talking about “Running up on that Audi”. 9 minute video worth your time…check it

EL-P – The Full Retard (Official Visual)

In what can be only described as a twisted, drug infused, chaotic, and hilarious version of Mel Gibson’s  “The Beaver”. Super producer, and, MC extraordinaire El-Producto releases the visual for “The Full Retard”. One of the tracks off his amazing album “Cancer For Cure”

Killer Mike – Untitled Feat. Scar



The story behind this record is a heartbreaking one. Killer Mike spoke earlier today on the “Sway in The Morning” show on satellite radio channel Shade45, he opened up to the hosts, saying the inspiration for this song came in the form of his grandmother dying in his arms. Once you get the tears out of your eyes, listen to the latest between the Atlanta MC, and producer EL-P whose sound meshes so well with Killer Mike. I know I have probably said this in earlier postings, and on twitter; it is just showing what Hip Hop is becoming this year, artist of all regions working together to make extremely dope music.

EL-P – The Full Retard


HULK UP!!!!!!!!

So damm hype for this. El-Producto is set to release newest album, only his third solo Hip Hop LP (if you dont count the instrumental albums); titled “Cancer For Cure” it is the newest piece of music released by El-P in five years, since his stellar 2007 sophmore album “I’ll Sleep When Your’e Dead”.

Killer Mike – Big Beast Feat. Bun B, T.I & Future


HULK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been waiting for the first taste of the collaborative project between Atlanta’s own Killer Mike, and super producer, and head of the former New York City independent label “Def Jux” El Producto. I have heard talk of this project for month now, and if you would have told me that well-known rappers like Bun B and T.I would be rapping on an El-P beat, I would have written off as an impossibility. That is the beauty of music sometimes, people come together and find themselves working with people, or a sound that you would never expect them to.

El-P – The Unforgiven II/Purple Rain (Metallica/Prince Mashup)


HULK UP!!!!!

If you thought you would hear one of the undergrounds most popular and respected artist do a mash-up of two musical acts in two completely different sides of the spectrum; than you have an uncanny ability to see the future, and the government is most likely tracking your every move to exploit that gift/curse of yours. If you have read through my rundown of some one star Netflix movie you have never heard about; listen to this surprising mash up of Metallica and Prince, done by El-Producto.

EL-P – Rush Over BKLYN

Brooklyn MC El-P has reworked the first single of his newest project “Cancer for Cure” using something called Legitmix, where artist can legally sample music without the hassle of clearing samples, this track features a sample from Rush’s “Tom Sawyer” and it sounds awesome. He is putting the single up for sale, all proceeds go to his long time collaborator Mr. Dibbs who is battling cirrhosis of the liver. So support good music, and more importantly support a good cause. Get better Dibbs.

El-P-Time Won’t Tell (Instrumental…Video)

There are few people who create instrumental’s vivid enough to warrant a video…and I definitely believe El-P is one of them. This is off El-P’s instrumental album “Weareallgoingtoburninhellmegamixxx3” which is available now on iTunes.

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