Wiz Khalifa – Different Cloth (ft Busta Rhymes)

What is this track gonna be on….Wiz project? Busta’s project? I don’t know. If it’s on Busta’s project…I probably won’t hear it again…lol. OkaaaaaaaaaaaaaaY!

 Wiz Khalifa – Different Cloth (ft Busta Rhymes)


Busta Rhymes & Twista – Can You Keep Up?



So apparently, this is the final, mastered version. I can not lie, seeing these two work together is kind of special. Try to keep up will you?

DJ Kay Slay – 60 Second Assassains Feat. Busta Rhymes, Layzie Bone, Twista & Jaz-O (Official Video)

Try to keep up.

Kendrick Lamar – Rigomortis (Remix) Feat. Busta Rhymes


HULK IT UP!!!!!!

I was hoping for newer Kendrick verses on this, but this will do. Busta certainly does his thing.

Busta Rhymes – You Ain’t Gotta Wait Till I’m Gone


The passing of Heavy D has affected many in Hip Hop, and when artist are emotionally affecting by the lost of a friend and college, they find a way to channel that emotion into song; it is the driving point of our music and culture to create something powerful when we are faced with tragedy and loss. Busta Rhymes, in tribute to the overweight lover releases this banger, celebrating life not when it passes, but while it is being lived.

Swizz Beats-Ya’ll Don’t Really Know (ft. Dmx and Busta Rhymes)

This sort of sounds like some old X shit….too bad X is old. Anyway…dope(decent) music


RIP Newzleech.com

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