Azealia Banks – Fantasea (Mixtape)

Azealia Banks has been swimming through the Internet since late last year, when she dropped the surprising, eye-catching “212”. Since then, she has dropped tracks randomly, and dropped an EP; one that was well received, but did not give listeners the substantial listen they were hoping for. Ms. Banks, finally, gives fans what they have been savoring for; a full-fledged mixtape- consisting of 19 tracks – full of catchy beats, and a fun atmosphere; the mixtape will be perfect for club DJ’s around the world, as the tape is begging for remixes for dance floors. Guest appearances are thankfully, kept to a minimum flooding mixtapes/albums with guest appearances hurts the overall product of any release – as fans, and critics, want this to be a showcase of Banks range as a rapper, singer, and overall performer.

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Azealia Banks – Hood Bi*ch



Azealia Banks – F*ck Up The Fun



I am not overly familiar with Ms. Azealia Banks, most of the time I end up confusing with another rookie female rapper; the differences being, that while one is white, and the other black….Azealia is by far the more talented. Over this Diplo produced joint, Azaelia is smack talking, and full of energy. If I was not sick as a dog right now, I might have gotten up and started dancing, by myself, to this song, more than a few times.

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