Action Bronson x Party Supplies – Steve Wynn

So.. According to this Rik Cordero directed video. Action Bronson is a small, frail, Jewish/Albanian man, who when under scrutiny inhales bath salts, and becomes none other than: ACTION BRONSON! A larger than life character, who can work out at a high-octane level, and then proceed to clothesline, and eat the faces of his enemies. Yeah, I can totally see that being the case. Would make for an interesting comic book in the future.


Meyhem Laruen – Peruvian Desserts Feat. Action Bronson & Roc Marciano

Three New York heavy hitters on one track? Yes, I will take that with no complaints. The latest leak from Queens own “Meyhem Lauren” enlist rap partner in crime Action Bronson, and grimy New York presence Roc Marciano. This latest from Meyhem’s latest project “Respect The Fly Shit” brings back memories of mid 90’s NY hip hop; all while maintaining a foothold of the current scene.


Meyhem Lauren – Special Effects Feat. Heems & Action Bronson (Official Visual)

I swear to you, I must have seen Heems walking through downtown Manhattan a least five times over the past year. Either it is him, or some surreal look-alike. Action Bronson rocking the ECW fitted is the highlight for me; I should be a little upset since I want to be the New York City personality with a Fez. Do you have any idea how long I have wanted a Fez? Years MAN! Lauren’s “Respect The Fly Shit” dropping soon, hopefully; like please, can we have this? I want to hear the rest.

Action Bronson – Hot Shots Part Deux Feat. Riff Raff & Dana Copafeel (Track + Official Visual)


Im dying at the title for this track. Once again Action Bronson links up with eccrentric rapper Riff Raff, and the results are once again dope. *UPDATED* The official visual has dropped for this track, you can check it out, after the jump. Read more of this post

The Purist – Northern and Boozy Feat. Action Bronson

The Queens native is always welcome on the site, and I always take pleasure in getting Bronsolini as much exposure as possible. This new track is a feature for UK producer “The Purist” new EP “Double Feature”. You can check out the rest of the EP on The Purist bandcamp, which you can get to by clicing “Buy” on the player.

Large Professor – M.A.R.S. Feat. Action Bronson, Cormega, Roc Marciano & Saigon ( Official Video)

Very glad to see a visual for this.

Action Bronson – A Simple Man


The thing that makes Action Bronson stand out more than your average New York City MC is that: the production that he chooses to rap over, is more complex. Not complex in the sense, that music heads have to dig into their psyche to find out what samples were used; it is the ability that he can rap over beats that are not just drums and bass. So many rappers just rhyme into instrumentals, that just sound like copies of others, while Bronson’s instrumentals are always different, always unique, and always dope.


Kool G Rap – Men At Work 2020 Feat. Marley Marl, Action Bronson, Ras Kass, Necro, Nusto, F.T. & Rugged Intellect



What a line up we have here. Legendary New York MC Kool G Rap, a man whose wordplay focused flow has been the inspiration for many, has enlisted MCs from all over the map, to update one of his own classics. With the beat being provided by Domino, it is a good ol’ fashion posse cut, that many in Hip Hop have been asking more of; and not just annoying club bangers we see from DJ Khaled every year.

Nardwuar vs. Action Bronson

Nardwuar’s interviewing rampage at SXSW last week continues. This video he interviews another young New York City artist; as the video of him interviewing A$AP Rocky was released yesterday. I’m dying at the Kool G Rap puzzle.

Stu Cat – Up Top Game Feat. Action Bronson & Phil Ade


If you are an up and comer in New York City. You can not go wrong by putting Action Bronson on your record. There is a chance you will get outshined, but if you can hold you own, and grab people’s attention, you got a shot at building on a fan base. I say this because it seems people want to hear more of the bearded rapper from Queens, and like the legends before him, Bronson is hopping on any track possible, and helping others get their name out there. Also, huge props to Matty Trump for that jazzy instrumental.

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