The Biggest Loser of This Year’s NBA Season…You (The Fans)

This isn’t about how the NBA screwed over the fans by rigging the Draft lottery to give the Hornets, a team nobody cares about, the #1 draft pick. However….let’s be clear…the NBA did rig the draft lottery to give the Hornets, a team nobody cares about, the #1 pick.  Read more of this post


Cat Power – King Rides By (Official Video)

It is just seven minutes of Manny punching the bag in slow motion. Still fits for some reason

Manny Pacquiao is Corrupting Your Children

Don’t let that smile fool you… Read more of this post

Pac Div – Still Flexin’ (Offical Video) – Presented by Phiten

With all this free time these basketball players got, no surprise they are appearing on so many commercials and music videos. This video presented by Phiten, makers of titanium necklaces and such, show NBA superstars: Derrick Williams, Eric Gordon, Chris Bosh, and, Carmelo Anthony (KNICKS BABY!) getting schooled on “bling”, by showing it through history by California trio Pac Div.

NBA cancels first two weeks of regular season

I think the big homie Johnny Cash says it all for me. Do I really have to stress how bullshit it is that millionaires and billionaires can’t determine how to share billions of dollars? I’m not gonna pick a side. FUCK both of ya’ll…and David Stern has been added to my list of people I’d slap, whether they have security or not, if I see them in person. That’s David Stern, R. Kelly, and Joe Jackson. Tyler Perry is one Madea movie away from being added to that list.

Nerd Numbers and Athlete Speak: The Problem with Sports’ Talking Heads

Read more of this post

The Winner of the Lockouts? The Commissioners!

..and here I was about to say he needs to work on his pimp hand. Read more of this post

Most Kings Get Their Heads Cut Off

Read more of this post

Derrick Rose, NBA’s 2011 MVP

Well deserved. Read more of this post

Madden fan vote: I call bullshit

Am I REALLY the only one who noticed this? Read more of this post

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