The Biggest Loser of This Year’s NBA Season…You (The Fans)

This isn’t about how the NBA screwed over the fans by rigging the Draft lottery to give the Hornets, a team nobody cares about, the #1 draft pick. However….let’s be clear…the NBA did rig the draft lottery to give the Hornets, a team nobody cares about, the #1 pick. Don’t let an OKC fan, or a Miami Heat fan tell you otherwise….you and me got ripped off this season, all for the love of the dough.

When the NBA went into a lockout…I went into a very bad state. Forget what Ray Lewis was talking about…you know how much evil was gonna pick up with no NBA season? Needless to say, when the news got out of the return of NBA basketball, the world was saved…or so we thought. While the owners/league rushed everything so they can make sure they get their paper…I’ll give you 5 reasons why this season was not good for fans.

5. Lack of a real off-season- That thrown together off-season transaction period in which the biggest news was the Lakers NOT getting the Chris Paul trade for “basketball reasons”? I call bullshit. Add in players going overseas to return late, or not at all (Where the hell is Aaron Brooks?) and I’ll count this as a negative

4. Players coming into the season out of shape – Let’s be clear, there’s a difference between being in shape, and being in “NBA season shape” Dallas had to send Dirk Nowitzki off to a boot camp! Dudes was looking real lazy out there…the reality is playing 42 mins in an NBA game is something the average cat can’t do…these guys need there normal off-season training regimen.

3. Back to Back to Boring- This crunched up schedule gave us some real duds. Even some of the best teams looked like trash

2. Shortened schedule- This is one of the things we had to accept with getting a season. We had to have back to back to backs just to get the shortened season we got. This gave us less of a chance to really see the players play, and allowed some teams to creep into the playoffs when in a full season, they may not have made it. It also didn’t give some teams a chance to really click with the lack of game experience/practice time.

1. Injuries – This was the BIGGEST PROBLEM BY FAR. It may have a long lasting effect, and it had a strong immediate effect. How can we truly view these playoffs when Derrick Rose wasn’t playing? Bosh went down for the Heat. Dwight Howard wasn’t out there. Chauncey Billups didn’t play for the Clippers. The whole damn Knicks squad was injured (although, we can’t count Amare’s dumb ass injury)  Even young players like Ricky Rubio went down during the season. How will these players come back from injury? What about all those ACLs? Only time will tell. 

I was originally going to post something like this before the conference finals started. The Spurs were rolling, and the Heat had issues with the Pacers. The chances of a Spurs vs Boston/Indiana finals looked strong, which only would have added insult to injury (no pun intended). I could have gone without this season. If some of these players don’t come back right, and these teams lose money in the long run, some of those owners will wish they skipped this year also. Greedy bastards.


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