It’s Dropping, Who’s Copping?

Let me be your Retail TherapistBorderlands

               When I was a kid, I used to anticipate the Sunday paper like nothing else (except the Source mag). Every Sunday, I would snatch the sport’s page and all the sales papers out of the Sunday paper, and leave the rest for everyone else. I’d check all the dope shit dropping for the next week, look at the prices, all of that. Even though at the time I was in a household where the money was present,and my grades were right, I didn’t get any of the shit I would dream of. Years later, I work hard, and try and make sure I get everything I want. So I figured, why not do a feature every week where I cover what’s dropping for the week? Say no more…

Video Games
               So the 21st, Smackdown Vs Raw 2010 and Fifa 2010 drops on all consoles, while Borderlands drops on Xbox 360, and PS3, and Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars drops on PSP. Pretty damn good week for games. My peoples, sold me Borderlands early, and I gotta say, it’s a damn good game. Imagine Fallout, less serious, and a whoooole lot better shooting….oh yea, and don’t forget 4 player Co-op.  For someone just a fan of games in general, that’s probably the go to joint for the week as far as games go. Based on word on the street, SVR 2010 delivers heavy for wrestling fans, and fans of the game in general. Expect to catch me on the 360 version. Fifa 10…shit…it’s Fifa. I don’t get too involved in the Fifa vs Pro Evo arguments. I roll with Fifa every year. Expect me to be on the 360 version of that.  GTA Chinatown Wars is a rerelease of the DS game. I don’t know how they did that, the DS game was built around the DS’ touch screen. Oh well, I’ll be acquiring that.


               Three releases on my radar dropping tomorrow. Fashawn’s “Boy Meets World”, Royce Da 5’9’s “Street Hop” and Cormega’s “Born and Raised”. I feel you can’t lose with any of them. Cormega’s album is ‘Mega at his finest, going in over classic NY production. Large Pro, Premo, L.E.S., Pete Rock, Havoc, Lil Fame, some of NY’s best production. Royce on the other hand, has none other than Premo himself executive producing his album. Fashawn’s album is helmed by Exile, the same Exile who produced Blu’s “Below the Heavens”.I’d suggest copping them all…but if you absolutely ask me, I’d go with Fashawn’s album. The album is amazing, for a debut album…no, fuck that, for an album period, this shit is amazing.


               It’s a pretty suck ass week as far as movies in the stores. If you like half naked no booty having chicks, cooning robots, corny punchlines, and lots of explosives…”Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” is definitley for you. Along with TROTF, comes Waterworld on Blu–Ray. I guess they’re still trying to make back that money. Also dropping on Blu-ray is a “Wrong Turn” 3 pack, and UFC 100. A bad horror fest, and Brock Lesnar beating the shit out of Frank Mir. My pick for the week…UFC 100. The movies suck, so either watch someone get their ass beat, or wish you’d gotten your ass beat.

Next week, I’ll look to scope kicks dropping during the week also, and maybe some other shit too. Spend wisely!


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2 Responses to It’s Dropping, Who’s Copping?

  1. MD2B says:

    Fashawn FTW! I already pre-ordered mine and yall need to do the same…

  2. 91&^UP says:

    Thanx 4 the heads up.
    Boy meets world is amazing!
    I only copped it cuz exile produced it.

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